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About Us

Giving you a team that’s always ready to help when you run out of ideas. We are passionate about what we do and it’s because of the people we work with
Brief of The Show Media

Humble beginnings with a long way to go

When people try to make a life on their own, most ideas are shoved away in the backyard. The ones that see the horizon of the next day have humble beginnings. This story has one such humble beginning and we are proud of what we have created with The Show Media.
Providing you the best

Solutions to make things easy

Make Ideas Work

Coming up with an idea is not the only task for the marketing company. It works in steps and it starts with vocalizing your ideas and discussing it with your team. Once you are sure about it, you go ahead with planning, creating, publishing, and promoting.

Captivate the Audience

Conveying your ideas to your customers is essential to get them on board. Once they come across your platform, it is your content that can keep them captivated and take them onto the next step. In marketing, it’s all about creativity and capturing the attention of all.

Take it Forward

If you have already invested your time in SEO, you’d know that it is great to build authority but it might not help you buy your groceries. While SEO is the first step, there is still a long way to go and we will help you take it forward and escalate the success.

Have you reached there?

You must be all worked up for the execution of your plans but are you prepared for it? When you have it all, the traffic and the content, you might feel satiated but are you really okay with your growth? If not, let us take over your stress.

In our journey, we have adhered to our values and that has helped us reach where we are today. We hope you join us on this journey let us create magic for your brand.

A blend of expertise and modern techniques awaits you!

While we are trying to take your business to new heights, we are driven by the incessant passion of the digital world. We are a team working for another team. Business potential lies in the human bonds and we are working on making our connections stronger each day. We hope to see our clients grow and leverage up their game.
With sharp-witted strategies, cosmopolitan design, and effective digital experiences we aim to build businesses on the platform that is accessible to all. We wish to deliver consistent digital solutions to our clients. Weeks over weeks, months over months, we keep our research on point and ensure noteworthy returns.
When a team is all about mastering the skill, you can expect tremendous results. We work to build connections with our clients and the building bond in our team is the first step towards it. We are enthusiastic about collaboration of our innovative approach and your passion. Let’s build it together.
The story

A journey that makes us who we are

Our founder work from his garage

Two friends with ambitions set on a journey together and once they knew what they wanted to do, there was no stopping.

18 February 2009

Pahlawan CIty, East Java

Our first mockup website goes live

Ankit and Ajitesh, ambitious, and determined people knew marketing was their thing. While pursuing their own thing, they had to come together to build an empire of their own.

7 May 2009


Moved into our first office in USA

They have worked together to create their presence in the arena and it’s called The Show Media. Ajitesh manages the clients from India and Ankit does the same with the clients of the other parts of the world.

21 October 2012

Palo Alto, San Francisco

Opened our first UK Office

These two have worked in over five different fields with over 70 clients in a matter of a few years. Their journey has just begun and it’s going to get bigger each day.

01 April 2019

London, United Kingdom


The Show Media is a team driven by one mutual love:
- Digital Era

Jason Howard


Richard Nash

UI/UX Designer

George Harp

Graphic Designer

Gary Anderson

Marketing spacialist

Hugh Sloan

Customer Support

Edward Parker

Data Engineer

Michael Saunders

Social Media Manager

Matthew Liu

PHP Programmer


Excellent Team Work

Every company needs the right team to speak up their minds in the right way. We make sure we work to deliver a superior quality of result. If you are building up your brand, you know marketing is going to play a vital role in getting all the attention. We are a firm that believes in making people educated about the whole concept of digital marketing. The complete knowledge is important when you are stepping into something that is not your field of expertise. Hence, we are here for you!
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